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Xbox One Day One

Finally, the Xbox One has arrived.  Here’s to the new generation of gaming and entertainment!  The games are better, the interaction is more innovative, and the ability to jump from TV to Music to Game, can happen on the fly.  The Xbox One allows you to experience your entertainment in a way that is custom tailored to you.  Everything you want is here, in one place.

The Xbox one has a cutting-edge design that compliments every home décor.  It was meant to be the center of your living room, and it shows.  Uniting all aspects of entertainment, the Xbox One lets you enjoy blockbuster games, TV shows, and surf the web, all in one place.  But all this aside, Xbox One also harnesses the power of the cloud, which means more games, TV, music, and apps released daily.

With 8 Cores you can easily switch between games and entertainment aps flawlessly.  The HDMI Pass-Thru allows you to connect your cable and satellite box to your Xbox One and watch TV through it.  Say goodbye to switching input.  Jam packed with 8GB of Ram and 500GB of hard drive space, not only will this machine be blazing fast, but you’ll have plenty of room for games, demos, movies, apps, music, and more.  Lastly, this console comes bundled with the latest Blu-Ray technology so you can enjoy games that are bigger and view movies in the highest quality possible.  It all happens here on Xbox One.

If you love video games, then Xbox One was designed for you.  It was built by gamers, for gamers, and with the perfect balance of power and efficiency, it takes gaming to a new level.  The graphics look stunning and the advanced AI adapts to your gaming style.  Multiplayer is also faster and smarter.  To put it more simply, Xbox One is the best gaming console Microsoft has ever created.

Pre-Order your’s today.

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