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Samsung UN32EH4003

Are you looking for a new flat screen TV for your dorm room or apartment? Oftentimes when planning to move into school, you don’t buy a TV straight off the bat, because you’re waiting to see what kind of space you’ll be working with and what your roommate already has. Now’s the perfect time to start looking for a quality, yet affordable, TV so you don’t miss the latest American Horror Story (Do you really want to run the risk of letting social media ruin it for you if you don’t catch it right away? Answer: no). But where do you go to buy a new TV? A wall full of glaring TVs along the wall beneath fluorescent store lighting is probably not the best way to determine picture quality, plus all those options can be overwhelming.

The fact that flat screen TVs are crazy light these days makes ordering one online a pretty great idea, since you have all the information about the products you could ask for in a simple Google search, and it doesn’t cost too much to ship. We’ve found a terrific entry-level model that you should consider, and have broken down the specs so you can decide if it measures up to what you want.

For starters, $239 for a 32” TV is a steal. The Samsung UN32EH4003 is 720p resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate, and while that’s not up to par with top-of-the-line machines, it still produces pretty stellar picture quality. The TV itself is impressive looking, considering its price, and looks much higher end than what you’ll actually shell out for it. The TV’s depth is 3.7 inches, and when it’s connected to the stand it’s a mere 5 inches deep, which is perfect to fit just about anywhere. And at 13.2 lbs, it’s a breeze to take just about anywhere, even if your apartment building is as outdated as Leonard and Sheldon’s and your elevator hasn’t worked since…well, ever.

The 4003’s inputs are all located at the rear of the TV, which makes hiding all your wires super easy.  The inputs include a component/composite hybrid, 2 HDMIs, a USB, and a coaxial cable, so any gaming system you’re looking to connect should be no problem. The only downside to this aspect of this model is that there’s no audio output, so you can’t connect any external sound system to improve its existing sound capabilities.

Connection the TV to its stand is really easy: it requires screwing in 8 screws. Period, the end. In just a few minutes after you take it out of the box, you’ll be all hooked up and ready to watch. The picture settings are fairly minimal on this model, but with a little tweaking you are sure to find a picture that you’re happy with. There are three picture mode settings: standard, dynamic, and movie. The backlight setting maxes out at 20, which is the preset for movie and dynamic mode, which can be a little bit much on your eyes, but standard is set at 12, which can seem a bit dull. I’m sure you can find a healthy medium for yourself; clicking a few buttons isn’t exactly rocket science. The color quality is impressive for an entry-level TV, and even Blu-ray animations look good on its display. You’re obviously not going to get the crispness that a 1080p TV will deliver, but you’re not looking for the cream of the crop here, you just want to watch some football and maybe The Voice, and this TV will get the job done just fine.

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