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Thanksgiving break is the first time a lot of college freshman return to their hometowns since they picked up and moved away. It’s a time of all sorts of mixed emotions—part of you might be stoked to be returning to all of your old friends you haven’t seen since graduation, and maybe you even miss your family a little bit too, but part of you knows that going home means giving up the freedom of college life, and that’s not really easy to deal with. Since we all know the best way to express yourself is by way of GIFs, here’s a journey through the feelings you might have coming home for the first time.

The best thing about going home is not returning to a twin XL.

(if you have a twin bed at home…that sucks.)


You get to spend time with your friends from home, doing a whole lot of nothing.

(at least this is how it goes on Long Island)


Everywhere you go in town turns into a reunion.


But running into people who weren’t even your friends who try to “catch up” is SO annoying.


You have to admit, though, seeing that perfect girl from high school


After the freshman fifteen has had its way with her is pretty awesome.


So is getting your whatever food/drinks/etc you’ve been deprived of at school.


And you can’t forget about seeing your cat!


But after being roped into a bit too much “family fun,”


You start missing your college friends.


On Thanksgiving, you’re stoked for a real, home-cooked meal,


But when everyone drills you about the “college life,” your only thought is:


And with every question about how school is, and how much work you have,


You feel more and more like this is your only option:


You start thinking you’ve been home long enough,


And by Friday you’re ready to get back to school.


When you get back to school, you remember how great life is on your own,


And start seriously dreading Christmas break.


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